R.U.S.H. LLC  (Riding Ultimate Scenic Highways} 

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Meet your Ride Coordinator: Tim Dano

   I’m Tim Dano, better known as Elvis. Ride planning for me started when I was a Head Road Captain for our local HOG chapter. I found a place in my heart for seeing organized riding events on Harley-Davidsons.

   After that I moved into state rally planning for 11 years, enjoying all the camaraderie with attendees and committee members before moving into what we are doing now, planning rides for you.

   In our spare time Pat and I volunteer for a lot of events around the Milwaukee area.

Meet your Ride Planner/Webmaster: Pat Dano

   Hi, I’m Pat. My role is that of a Site Coordinator & Webmaster. I pick out some of the cities we will be visiting along our route as well as the things we will be doing in the cities that I am the lead on. I also am the person behind our website

   It all started with H.O.G. back in 1989 as my chapters Activities Director. I held that position for five years and then my interest moved to the State Rally level. I assisted in registration, held Event Coordinator position for five years, and then Site Coordinator Assistant.  In 2010 we decided as a committee to take the State Rally in a different direction. That is when our riding rallies were born.

    I have been a rider since I was eleven, however, that was on a trail bike. I didn’t own my own Harley until 1998 when I purchased a Low Rider. I knew eventually I would get a bigger bike and wanted a part of history. That is when I purchased my new bike - 100th Anniversary Heritage Softail. I even watched it come down the assembly line at York, PA!!  I am excited to see where our adventures will take us!

Meet your Ride Planner/Secretary/Facebook: Sandy Opitz

   Hi everyone, I'm Sandy Opitz. I have been a HOG member since 1986. I hold a motorcycle license but prefer to ride behind my husband so I can take in everything around me.
   As a long time chapter officer and part of the state rally for over 10 years, it was a natural progression to venture the direction of ride planning with friends I had met and worked alongside. Ron and I have ridden motorcycle in all 50 states which gives us a great background to base future journeys upon.. As a person who loves to organize, being a Site Coordinator and Secretary gives me the opportunity to scout out places for the group to stop along the way. I love local history and seek out things that are a bit off the tourist track when at all possible.
   When I'm not planning rides I am volunteering with local organizations in my community, working with special education students, doing photography, or learning how to do something new. I'm always looking for a new adventure.

Meet your Route Coordinator: Ron Opitz

   I'm Ron Opitz, your route guy. Most people don't like me close to their computers because I tend to crash them, so my wife bought me my own and it seems to like me. That's a good thing because I need it to plan the way to all the stops the site coordinators send my way.

   I have been a HOG member since 1986, and have been active in my local chapter and as a gofer at state rallies. I've put on a lot of miles travelling the U.S and try not to get lost too often. I love to tell about our adventures travelling the U.S., so just ask and I'll tell you a story.

Meet your Ride Registration Coordinator: Marv Hollfelder

   Hi I’m Marv Hollfelder, your Registration Coordinator. After not riding for 30 years I got back into it when my secretary pulled up aside of me at work with her bike. After checking out her bike I asked if there was any chance I could take it for a ride around the block. Nervously she said “I suppose it will be okay”. Halfway around the block I knew I was hooked again. I don’t know who had the bigger smile when I pulled back into the parking lot, her because her bike was still in one piece, or me because I knew I had to get a motorcycle and it had to be a Harley.

   After completing the Rider Safety course at the local technical college I purchased a used 95th anniversary Sportster which my Grandson is now riding. It wasn’t too long and I was riding a 100th Anniversary Heritage Soft Tail which I now have at our winter home near Tucson Arizona so I can ride year around. I also have a 2010 Ultra Classic that I ride when in Wisconsin.

   Soon after purchasing my Sportster I became involved in our local HOG Chapter as a road guard and then Chapter Treasurer for 4 years. I was then volunteered to join the Wisconsin State Rally Committee as the State Treasurer a position I held for 4 years also. It was here that I met Tim, Pat, Ron and Sandy who were also on the State Rally Committee at that time. When Tim approached me with his idea of planning rides around the country I immediately knew I had to get involved. One of the best things I enjoyed about riding was the cross country trips I had been on with friends. I have met so many great people since getting back into riding and working with my fellow R.U.S.H. LLC ride planners and riders that I can truly say I “Ride to Live”.

Meet your Ride Treasurer: Roger Lochowitz

   I'm Roger Lochowitz, your Treasurer. While I've been riding all my life, I didn't get my first Harley until 2014. My wife Pat and I did our first R.U.S.H. ride in 2015...Lakes and Lobsters...Dearborn, MI to Bar Harbor, ME. Living in Wisconsin, that sounded crazy at the time! That trip truly was an adventure, and really got us hooked, and we've been on every ride since. 

   Riding with R.U.S.H. LLC took us to so many places we would have never gone, and showed us so many things we would have never seen. Every year, we always look forward to seeing all the friendly people that come to share in the adventure. Harley-Davidson says, "The world was meant to be seen from the seat of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle", and my wife Pat and I agree.