R.U.S.H. LLC  (Riding Ultimate Scenic Highways} 

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Hello everyone, only a week until we begin our Hills & Hollers journey together.  Here are a few things you will need to know.


   Routes have been sent to you to download to your GPS or print them.  Contact us at our website www.rushllc.org if you have not received the email. You must be registered for the ride to receive the routes.  There will also be printed directions in the rally guide you will receive at registration.



   Package pick-up will take place from 8:00am-10:00am on Sunday, June 13th. Please bring some form of identification and your H.O.G. card. You will pick up your registration packet and begin exploring Jonesboro.   

      Embassy Suites by Hilton Jonesboro

      Red Roof Convention Center

      223 Red Roof Blvd

      Jonesboro, AR  72405


->Daily sheets and coupons are included in the envelopes in the Ziploc bag in your registration bag.  Each daily sheet includes the name of the event or attraction and address, a description, if a coupon is used and what color, and if there is a game for that day.   The coupons must be given, when required, when you stop at a site.  There are no extras, so please make sure to keep your materials in a safe spot

->Ride Guides includes maps, directions, and sponsor advertising

->Extra materials such as state maps and city guides will be included in some of your packets. If you do not feel you will use them, please leave them in your hotel room for the next guests to take a peek at. 


Monday through Thursday envelopes have a game for you to play. Each day is different, so there should be something for everyone. Complete and turn in to the green box in the lobby by 8pm each of those evenings for a chance at fabulous prizes which will be awarded at closing ceremonies.


The Rider’s Meeting is an important source of information regarding how we run our events, updates on places you will visit, and any last minute questions you need answered. The meeting will take place at....

     Embassy Suites by Hilton Jonesboro

     Red Roof Convention Center

     223 Red Roof Blvd

     Jonesboro, AR  72405

     6:00pm Cocktails in Red Roof Convention Center

     7:00pm Opening Ceremonies with the National Anthem and colors / dinner / followed by rider's meeting



Is someone that is picked from all those attending. We will select the first person by doing a drawing at the rider's meeting. This person will have a special item to wear when they are on their travels on their day. During their day they must add to this item in some way, whether a pin, sticker, ornament, etc. Each evening the item is passed to someone the person did not know before the ride. At closing ceremonies, we will have a drawing which will allow one of our 'Person of the Day'  attendees to take the item home. 



We are often asked if you have to do everything we have listed or leave at the time we suggest (except for Fantastic Caverns & A&M Railroad), the answer is NO. These are recommended leave times to get you started. If you choose to skip a destination or change your route, that is up to you. There are some meals and destinations with specific time frames, so please take note of these if you plan on taking part.  



Here is a list of things to pack that might be needed on your vacation…

  - helmets (DOT, no beanies). We will be traveling through helmet states.

  - notify your credit card company that you will be traveling throughout the country so that they don’t lock your card and notify your banks as well if using a debit card. The last thing you want is no access to your cards while on vacation.

  -insurance card


  -Mask: some areas require masks at the time of our visit



Additional information will be given out at the rider's meeting. Any last-minute questions?  Please send them to rushllc@outlook.com

We look forward to seeing you next week!

R.U.S.H. LLC Committee